Rental job around the corner

Today we went to the sand and gravel pit of CEMEX Deutschland AG on the L 200 shortly behind Breitenfelde.

A soil dump is built there. For this project, we rented one of our long reach machines to the Company which performs the work. The excavator was delivered shortly by Uwe from the company Michel Meyn - Baustoffe und Transporte.

Our EC 220 E together with the existing EC 300 E LR has created the embankment of the landfill. In the construction of the landfill, absolute accuracy is required. When installing the silica in the embankment, there is a tolerance of only one centimeter. The guidelines are also checked daily by external auditors. Precision is required by man and machine. The experienced excavator operators and our VOLVO fulfill this.

There is a big difference, whether you buy a Long reach excavator from the factory or if only one accessory boom is mounted.
The machines have for example a bigger counter weight, which gives the machine a better stability.

Despite the construction work, normal operation continues in the pit.

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